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Simona deserves this review.  She has completely erotic hands, on top of being beautiful. Best massage in a long while & completely happy in every way. Great massage & mind blowing bodyslide, well recommended.

I'll be re booking this lady, she's a rare find.


Meet the Ladies



JADE: *New 18 y.o Blonde ,S.8 DD Cup 5*****penthouse beauty

JADE:  We welcome this new breathtaking

18 y.o. Jade  has waist length platinum blonde hair,

& seductive brown  eyes! Jade’s body is the stuff

of  dreams!!   She has   a tiny waist, full DD

breasts, a perfect peach of a bottom. It just gets

better.Jade has a fresh, fun ,… Continue reading

RILEY: New 22 y.o Brunette Delight! S.8 C Cup, Fair complexion Classy, sexy, elegant

RILEY: New ! Exquisitely pretty young

lady. A slim S.8 toned figure, a beautiful

voice & manner and a naturally sexy girl.

Riley is well presented, intelligent, sweet &

seductive. Sheer pleasure is Riley’s company

and service style. Fall in love with this one !

AVAILABILITY: Sundays from

Other shifts to be confirmed

JAMIE: New , Slender S8 Aussie blonde model – Beach babe!

JAMIE: Just 20, with a perfect figure,

long blonde hair, a natural light tan to her

unspoiled skin,and a smile to melt your heart.

Jamie is slender but curvy, B Cup, sporty.

She is delightful company & gives an unforgetteable



MOLLY: S.6 Petite, Busty DD cup toned 30 y.o Eurasian & Naughty!

MOLLY: A petite’pocket rocket’, S.6, toned

with D Cup bust and great legs.

Molly is a super  cute Eurasian lady in her 30’s.

She has smooth  olive skin, smiling brown eyes

& dark , pixie- cut  hair. Time with Molly

is FUN!! capital F!  Molly offers a wide

range of exciting options, both services &… Continue reading

BROOKLYN: New Blonde Aphrodite ! 24 y.o, D – Cup

BROOKLYN: New to Esquire, this

girl has the body of Venus, with enticing

hourglass shape, and cascading blonde

hair.  Just 24 y.o and very seductive!

Brooklyn has a welcoming personality

& a most satisfying style.

AVAILABILITY: Varying shifts.

View our roster page.



AMBER: New ! 20’s Tall Australian Blonde S.10, D – Cup

AMBER: A tall beauty  strawberry

blonde beauty with fair skin, long legs &

a naturally beautiful figure and face.

Amber is sheer joy and sensuality.

Wonderful company & affectionate,

exciting service.

AVAILABILITY: Fri & Sat evenings.

MORGAN : New ! S.8 C Cup Exciting Blonde .

MORGAN:  Meet a seductive femme

who will excite and seduce you!

New to Esquire, Morgan offers a wide

repertoire of erotic enjoyments.

An hour in the arms of this intriguing

beauty is simply never enough.

AVAILABILITY: Evenings from

Bookings advised

RIKA: Sensual Asian Beauty Petite S.6, C – Cup Doll

RIKA:  Stunning, petite S.6 Japanese doll

with long dark silken hair & flawless body.

with superb sensual massage abilities &

more. If you wish to experience heavenly

pampering and a memorable hour of

dreams come true, then make your booking

with this incredibly sweet , sexy young lady.

AVAILABILITY: Tues & Fridays only due

to study commitments.

Bookings advised.

SOFIA: S8 European Brunette, C Cup , Heavenly hands.

SOFIA:  A bubbly brunette 30 y.o

beauty with wonderful touch,. Sofia is

a qualified Massage therapist, & can

ease your cares away. Sofia’s other

talents are well worth discovering!

Sofia offers a sensational GFE.


MARISSA: 23 y.o Hot curvy Brunette Erotic Masseuse

MARISSA: New, bubbly, busty

brunette with sexy curves & profoundly

sexy massage skills. Place your body in

Marissa’s skillful hands & discover the

ecstasy of divinely sensual massage.

Not a ‘Full Service’ but definitely a

wonderful service.

AVAILABILITY: See Our Roster page

LOLA: S8 Ultra Femme, DD Bust European 23 y.o

LOLA:  A pretty vixen with shoulder

length brunette hair, & a feminine,

seductive way that will melt your heart.

Lola is a dream come true.

AVAILABILITY: Varying shifts

See our roster page.

MISTY: 24 y.o S.8 Very cute Asian Adventurer!

MISTY: Meet this  lovely 24 y.o Asian

masseuse. Misty thrills with her extra special

repertoire of massage skills. She enjoys

pleasing & being pleased. Light B & D,

‘starfish stimulation’, mutual touch & more.

AVAILABILITY: See our roster page.

CHRISTINA: Australian Dancer S8. Stunning 28 y.o

CHRISTINA: Esquire welcomes

the enchanting Christina! A natural beauty

with a dancer’s body, she exudes sexy charm

Christina offers the most  intoxicating pleasure.

She is 28 y.o , has shoulder length black hair,

and beautiful  DD  cup breasts.

An A- List companion.



MANISHA: Curvy, Indian-Burmese , Late 20’s Busty Vixen

MANISHA: Burmese- Indian

lady with bronzed skin & velvet

brown eyes & long wavy dark hair.

Manisha is an exotic lady with naturally

sexy heat and the capacity to gauge what



KATHERINE: 23 y.o slender S.8 Natural full C Cup .

KATHERINE: Be seduced by this exquisitely pretty

Brunette. Katherine has a  coy smile,  sparkling eyes.

& a soft Trans – Atlantic voice. Her girlish laugh

& amazing  figure, make her simply irresistible!

Katherine is a natural young lady  whose style is refreshing & sexy.

AVAILABILITY:  Mon, Tues and other shifts

MADDIE: S.8 , 35 y.o Busty green eyed Blonde

MADDIE :  Meet this delectable blonde,

she has beautiful green eyes , attractive

features,a lovely slender figure

with D bust, and flawless fair skin.

Maddie offers a complete service, with

flair  & warmth.

AVAILABILITY: varying shifts. See our roster page.

AMANDA: New* Blonde blue eyed 5’10” S.8 C Cup Beauty

AMANDA: Tall Blonde with long

lovely legs all the way to heaven.

Amanda is in her mid 20’s and is

a consummate courtesan. Refreshing

natural beauty, lithe body & very

feminine. If you’ve missed Ava, you’ll

love Amanda!


ANNA: 20 y.o Spanish Beauty S.8 with perfect curves Real photo

ANNA : is a Spanish beauty, with unspoiled

olive skin. She has a curvy yet petite figure ,

wonderful legs & a captivating , beautiful face, both

innocent & sublimely sexy! Her sparkling

brown eyes & warm smile melt you.

Anna is glorious!!

AVAILABILITY:       Day shifts. Book now!



HEATHER: 22 y.o Blonde blue eyed voluptuous S.12 E Cup bust

HEATHER: Voluptuous, young very full

figured, with perfect porcelain skin, very

pretty face and sparkling ice blue eyes.

For gentlemen who love  taut, full figured

beauty , innocent beauty & great passion,

Heather is perfect.

This young adventurous offers GFE, toys

and Greek massage.

AVAILABILITY: View our roster page.

MANDY: S6 Petite C Cup Blonde Siren. 30’s Real photo

A petite toned blonde Goddess who is

renowned for her beauty, charm and erotic skills.

Mandy is a lady with a capital “L”. Utterly enchanting ,

affectionate, & unforgettably sexy!

AVAILABILITY: Thurs & Fri days   10 – 2.30 pm only

Bookings advised

MADISON: Tall leggy Blonde 29 y.o, Aus /Russian descent S10. D Cup

MADISON: is a  beautiful 5′ 10″ Aussie dreamboat.

Her antecedence is Russian, lending her a unique

natural beauty.Madison has cascading long blonde

hair & long legs all the way to Paradise.Madison has

a stunning figure & an elegant though sporty style.

AVAILABILITY: Friday & Sat evenings.



LARA: S8 Adventurous & Exotic Kiwi Beauty 27 y.o D Cup

LARA: Has sparkling brown eyes,

golden complexion and very long dark hair.

Lara has a stunning figure & gives an

undeniably satisfying experience. An

exotic beauty who is naturally sensual

and exciting. Lara has ink!

AVAILABILITY: Wed’ evenings &

other varying shifts.

MIA : New 21 y.o Elegant & seductive. Petite S6, C Cup .

MIA:  Petite, beautiful & classy,

Mia is Australian of Middle

Eastern descent & is sheer  natural

sexy beauty. Her  personality

& beauty will delight you! Flawless light olive skin, shoulder

length waves of soft hair & seductive velvet brown eyes.

AVAILABILITY: Days and evenings. See our roster.

GEORGIA: 28 y.o Kissable , Busty Blonde, S.10, Beauty

GEORGIA: Meet a very sexy Blonde

beauty. Georgia is an Australian

lady who offers a wonderful experience.

A fabulous figure, Full kissable lips &

pretty green eyes ensure you will be

enchanted. An A- List companion too!

Her photo is genuine, but she has since returned to her natural


AVAILABILITY:  Most evenings Wed – Sat


BROOKE: New 21 y.o Tall S8 Busty D Model

BROOKE: Soft Caramel tresses, toned

slender body and enhanced D cup bust.

Brooke thrills with hot seductive service.

This young lady is wonderful company

& able to put a gentleman at ease in the

wink of a gorgeous eye. A Must see!

AVAILABILITY: See our roster page.

LEXXI: 23 y.o Petite S.6 C Cup, Brunette Sweetheart !

LEXXI: A petite mademoiselle  with

soft golden skin & big brown eyes. Lexxi has

long hair, & a girlish ,  feminine figure.

Lexxi will melt your heart with her smile,

her incredible touch, and her fantastic service.

Lexxi teams  up with Ashley for 2 girl massage !

AVAILABILITY:  Day shifts. See Our Roster.

DAKOTA: S10 Blonde Blue eyed 24 y.o D Cup

DAKOTA is busty & curvy & very fair .

A refreshingly fun young lady with a

sexy feminine approach.

Be seduced at once with her soft voiced

with an Atlantic accent.

Two girl pampers are her favorite play.

AVAILABILITY: Weekends & Evenings

ASHLEY: Blonde & Blue eyed, tall ,D Cup, exciting. Real photo

ASHLEY :  31 y.o is a natural Blonde.

Ashley is blessed with a  near perfect body,

gorgeous eyes &  a melt your heart smile.

Toned , slender yet curvy.

Seductive, on sight, and that’s just a taste.

She embodies  sexiness & vitality .


KAYLEIGH: 25 y.o S6 Brunette 5’7″ C Cup

KAY LEIGH: 25 ,  S6 Brunette 5’7″ c cup

Kay-Leigh is a very slender, sweet ,

natural girl. with an innocent beauty.

A  great body, and lovely face, a  skilled


She will truly  melt your cares away.

AVAILABILITY:  Varying days & weekends till

APRIL: A Bright , Leggy S8 DD Cup 25 y.o Passionate . Real photo.

APRIL is a Slender, Busty  lady  with long

legs. April is vibrant, intellectual,pretty & extremely

sexy. Popular across all age groups, April is addictive

company & provides mind blowing enjoyment with a sense of

joy. Extremely popular with intellectual gents & those seeking

both relaxation & carefree pleasure.

AVAILABILITY: Days, & occasional  evenings.

An A – List… Continue reading

ALISON: S6 DD Cup platinum Blonde.36 y.o

ALISON; 5’6″ toned, busty &

slender, with very fair complexion.

A winning smile, fair skin, Alison

is an feminine 36 y.o vixen.

She offer a most affectionate GFE &

is passionate & exciting.

AVAILABILITY: Fri & Sat evenings  from

On vacation from 02/02 – 12/02/17

CHELSEA: Blonde Blue eyed S.8 B Cup & Beautiful 28 y.o

CHELSEA : 28 y.o

Blonde is relaxed &  a

little sporty, yet

ultra  – feminine.

Easy company & naturally sexy &

sensual. Time with Chelsea is truly

unmitigated pleasure! Popular across all ages.

AVAILABILITY: Wed & Sat afternoons.

KRYSTAL: Lovely 36 y.o Brunette S10 Real photo

KRYSTAL is tall, 5’9″ with natural

D cup Bust and sleek long  dark hair.

Krystal is a fair skinned beauty &

unimaginable fun!!  Experience

genuinely sexy services . Krystal’s specialties

include Latex – costume, B&D, role play & 2 girl playtime & Couples.

AVAILABILITY: Varied shifts.

See Roster or call to book specialty  services.



SAMANTHA: 39 y.o Fetish lover.Tall Blonde Aussie S.12 D Cup Bust.

SAMANTHA:  A tall lady with long

blonde hair, blue eyes & a winning

smile! Samantha is affectionate & sexy.

She’s caring company & a service provider

who enjoys A – levels & offers mild B&D

& other specialties. Have a fetish ?

Samantha loves to hear about it.



LILLY: 20 y.o S6 Enchanting Beach Babe

LILLY: A very slender little lady,

Waist  length blonde hair, big brown

eyes and natural  beach babe looks.

Lilly is sweet , &dreamy sensual and

offers a very sexy experience.

Very  popular. Book!

AVAILABILITY: Days from Tues – Sat

*Lilly is currently sporting

brunette hair.