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I had the pleasure of seeing Simona today and the experience was truly amazing. From her amazing massage skills to her seductive smile the experience was perfect. She had me walking out of Esquire with a big smile, relaxed and satisfied.

Esquire is a sensational establishment with the high caliber ladies to match. I will definitely be returning soon, thanks. .



Esquire has a well earned reputation for fantastic service providers!  Most also have other jobs or studies. We consider a lively mind , & a good sense of humor to be as important as great looks & massage skills. Esquire ladies practice strong hygiene & health & immaculate grooming. So that’s ” an Esquire girl”. They want you to feel truly relaxed, rejuvenated & happy!!!. You will have the best of our services if you are a gentleman

  • Please be respectful & polite. The friendlier you are, the better time you’ll have.
  • We pride ourselves on a safe and respectful environment for both service provider & client.
  • Our ladies will treat you with respect & care.
  • If, at any time, the lady feels coerced, intimidated, or in any danger from a client, she will exit the room, report to the desk & the duty manager will ask you to leave, with partial or no refund of your room reservation fee.
  • when you reserve time with an Esquire Masseuse ,you are engaging the professional services of a subcontractor. She is hiring the room & use of facilities on Esquire premises. You are paying for her time. You are neither renting, nor buying the right to do as you please with her person. The arrangement is a mutually consenting one, very akin to seeing a hairdresser, a dentist, or other service provider.
  • It is health department policy to shower before your booking.
  • It is  health department policy for the ladies to perform a health check on the body of the client, this is done discreetly & ensures that no lady sees anyone who might have an infection, or any transmissible skin or genital issue.
  • Never request unprotected services. It is unlawful and no trustworthy professional will allow it. The lady has a duty of care to your health &; safety.
  • We will not allow people who are clearly very drunk or “High” to speak with our ladies. Do not be offended, it is a health and safety rule.
  • If you wish to tip a lady ‘cos you had a great time, please do so in cash. We do not process tips  or extras thru our eftpos terminal.
  • Treat our ladies like Queens & they will treat you like a King.