Our Happy Clients

Thank you, Esquire, for being so friendly and welcoming. I spent some time this week with beautiful Georgia, wow she is such a beautiful, sexy, caring woman with such an amazing smile, she is an 11. Very happy.


Came down to Esquire and was pleasantly surprised. Rooms were clean, private entrance, friendly reception, and a bottle of water was a nice touch.

Sexy selection of ladies. Hard choice but I went with Simona. Boom!

Even though she seemed shy in the intro she got me curious about her sensual tantric massage and she grabbed me with her cheeky smile. Warm, genuine, great bod and just so sexy. Booked for half an hr, will stay longer next time. She is a skilled masseuse and she got me with her teasing and body slides. She really has that special something. Awesome experience, highly recommended.


I had the pleasure of seeing Simona today and the experience was truly amazing. From her amazing massage skills to her seductive smile the experience was perfect. She had me walking out of Esquire with a big smile, relaxed and satisfied.

Esquire is a sensational establishment with the high caliber ladies to match. I will definitely be returning soon, thanks.


Simona deserves this review.  She has completely erotic hands, on top of being beautiful. Best massage in a long while & completely happy in every way. Great massage & mind-blowing body slide, well recommended.

I'll be re-booking this lady, she's a rare find.


Porsche... What an exquisite beauty... A pure vision like I've never seen before, a smile to die for and eyes to gaze at for hours... The body of a goddess, sensual soft touch... Soft smooth skin... Lips as soft as silk... A genuine beauty.... Have not felt pleasure like this in a long time... Omg an experience I'll never forget. Thank you, Porsche. Keep smiling it will melt a thousand hearts... Worth coming back to Perth for.


Honestly Perth's best ladies right here. They must have an elite selection process or something.

Beautifully luxurious rooms and always immaculately tidy.

Great idea having a roster on the website, that's what makes Esquire more desirable when choosing a venue.

Come with a smile and smelling nice because that's what the girls deserve and you'll have a pleasant experience then leave with a good dose of endorphins.

Thank you for your service, Esquire. Complements to Honey and Summer.

Supreme Templar

"I had the pleasure of spending a sublime 45 minutes with April (in June), and the pleasure truly was mine. She has a manner about her which is uniquely upbeat, positive, and applies herself to the task (in this case, massage) with the kind of enthusiasm, care, compassion and tenderness that you might have only assumed would be the stuff of fantasy. It was but a massage, and I can only assume how spectacular she’d be should I have chosen the full service option (the thought alone … Jesus). Only in your most contrived fantasies does a session play out with such chemistry; perhaps we – she and I – were just lucky enough to have a connection of personalities. I don’t know. She’s a great conversationalist, she has a wonderful approach to the task and is among the nicest women I’ve met in this industry, and that’s not just because she thought I was much younger than I was. April belongs in the domain of saints and angels. Our encounter was a joy."


Maddie 'A lovely person to share time with' - I would have to agree with Nau on his review for Maddie. Lovely women to be with a very well all-rounded service. Seen her last month and was very pleased with Maddie


Katherine 'Better than expected - Katherine is one of the most gorgeous escorts I have ever seen. If you're looking for a sex buddy experience with a model material escort, then I highly recommend booking Katherine


Chelsea 'Out of this world'- Went to Esquire two days ago and they had a line up of 6-8 girls all very pretty and good looking. I chose Chelsea because I had already been with her and clicked previously. Chelsea gave me a good back massage with proper pressure and everything. She did body slides on my back which I really liked. All in all, I had a great time with her.


April 'A good punt' - All and all I can say she is good at what she does. She knows how to push the right buttons at the right time. Her blowjob skill was good and she was compliant enough with my every move in the encounter to make it worth writing a review about. April is a very intelligent person and can hold on to a good conversation if that is your thing. I would recommend her to my fellow punters.


Hi, I spent an amazing hour this evening with Jasmine and I just wanted to thank her for making me feel so special.

See all again soon!